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Is VR for Me?

Absolutely! We have had many people who thought they wouldn’t enjoy it or that it wasn’t their thing, who have been blown away by the experience. The one word everyone uses to describe the experience is IMMERSIVE! VR is not just for the ‘Gamers’ – it’s about “Experiences’. Take a look through our Experiences Categories and see what tickles your fancy in a VR sort of way.

What Exactly is a VR Centre?

This is a relatively new concept in Perth so that depends on who you ask. VR-ARRIVAL is a place for everyone: gamers, non-gamers, families, friends, locals, tourists and even your work colleagues – it’s for anyone looking to escape the everyday and immerse themselves in a virtual world for a moment in time.

If you have never experienced VR before you are in for a ride. If you have, but not at VR-ARRIVAL, you haven’t seen how good VR can be! We have large play areas, the HTC Vive Pro Equipment and blazing fast computers – this is VR as it should be experienced!

Our VR arcade is equipped with eight room-scale areas (~3.2×2.8m) where you can play with/against friends or go solo, all showcasing VR at its absolute best!

Because the player’s view inside the headset is displayed onto the TVs, those who aren’t playing can still have fun watching their friends and family and sometimes that is just as entertaining!

So How Does This All Work?

Glad you asked and you’ve started off well – this FAQ section provides an overview if you are not familiar with VR at VR-ARRIVAL. Feel free to also peruse the VR applications on offer (see Experiences Categories) to see what sorts of things you may be interested in.

The best way to start is to book a session. Walk-ins are also welcome and we will fit you into any empty sessions. Either way, try to get there at least 10min before you want your experience to begin.

If you are a VR newby or just want a refresher, a VR-ARRIVAL staff member will guide you through the equipment which will get you up to speed in no time. Then it is just a matter of picking the VR experience that you want to try first. You can change apps at any time to something else and if you have any questions, we’re there for you with an easy to use “Call For Help” button within the Virtual Environment. Before you know it, you’ll be leaving reality behind!

Can anybody play?

We are unable to have children under the age of 8 years old in VR at our centre unfortunately. Recommended for ages 11+. Children under 15 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult due to the range of games and use of top-of-the-line (read – expensive!) VR technology. For the Premium Escape Theme Experiences, the minimum recommended age is 13+.

All players must agree to ‘VR-ARRIVAL’s Terms of Play’ prior to playing.

Some game experiences require the player to walk around with controllers in both hands may also include kneeling and/or crouching. Please take this into consideration if you are pregnant or have any adverse medical conditions contrary to these activities.

Will I be shown how to use the VR system?

Absolutely – we will give you a short briefing when you arrive for general instructions and safety information. If it’s your first time and you are unsure, we’ll run you through the play space area, the controllers and the content launcher system. If there are any questions during your time, we’re there for you with an easy to use “Call For Help” button within the Virtual Environment. Either way, we are sure you will be an expert in no time!

What games and experiences can I choose from?

We have a curated list of over 130 VR titles so there is really something for everyone at VR-ARRIVAL. There are experiences ranging from your VR gaming apps where you are saving the world from Zombies, Dinosaurs or Robots (or all 3) to some really amazing exploration-based, Problem Solving or Mystery adventure games that allow you to explore some truly incredible VR environments. There are even VR experiences that will let you build up a sweat or channel you inner artist/musician!

We also have the Ubisoft Premium Escape Theme Experiences where you will be required to work collaboratively with either 1 or 3 other players to puzzle your way out of an back-in-time experience! These are a stand-alone VR experience, so players will not have access to the other titles during their session time.

If you do have a craving for a particular VR title that you can’t see in our Experiences Categories, let us know and we will see if there is a commercial license for it for us to use for your booking!

Players are able to select and change from any of our titles during their sessions themselves (with the exception of the Premium VR Escape Theme Experiences). If there are any questions during your time, we’re there for you with an easy-to-use “Call For Help” button within the Virtual Environment.

Can we play multiplayer games?

Currently VR-Arrival has 8 stations and a bunch of multiplayer titles installed. Multiplayer games can range from two players up to all 8 players at a time. Have a look through our MultiPlayer tab at our Experiences Categories for a selection of some of the multiplayer games you might like, or ask our friendly staff for suggestions.

How do we pay?

On-line payment is done via a secure payment system (Square Payments) at the time of booking if you choose or payment on the day is accepted. Walk-in customers will have the option to pay on the day of their VR experience in store by either cash or credit card.

What if I wear glasses?

The VR headsets can be adjusted for all but the biggest of glasses – our staff will help you adjust your headset when you start. It is recommended that if you can wear contacts please do so as you will find them more comfortable for a long session.

Are the VR devices hygienic?

Simple answer is YES and hygiene is incredibly important to us. The Headsets cushioning is wiped down with Anti-Bacterial Wipes after each use along with the controllers. We also use single-use disposable face shields, plus hand sanatizer and wipes readily available.

What happens if I need to cancel or if I am late?

We understand that sometimes things happen and will try our best to accommodate any changes if we can. Refunds aren’t possible on the day of the booking unfortunately. Try to get there early so that your play time is not affected if there are bookings after yours.

Can I extend my play?

We know you are going to be hooked! Yes, you can always extend your time as long as there are no bookings after your session. You can always check before you arrive to see if the option to extend is available by visiting our website and going to bookings, or by calling us direct in store.

Will I walk into objects?

Good question! The VR system has a built-in safety feature, called Chaperone, which is a virtual grid that appears in whatever experience/game you are in. The great thing about Chaperone is that it lets you know in your VR environment that you are close to the edge of your boundary. Staff members will also be on the lookout for those over-exuberant players that get a little too close to the edge of the play space.

Will I get motion sickness from VR?

This can definitely happen if using the cheaper VR systems out there such as the phone-based ones. However, this is much less likely to occur in the high-end VR systems we use. The majority of our VR applications are fine for most people with only a few specific games can possibly cause disorientation. If you’re worried about this, please let our friendly staff know and we will recommend which ones you might want to steer clear of. That said, if you don’t have a pre-existing condition or a vulnerability to motion sickness then you should be fine. If a specific game or level is causing you to feel a bit iffy, you have the ability to change it right then and there, or simply take the headset off for a few minutes to re-orientate. Additionally we can provide chairs to any players who may find experiencing VR from a seated position preferable.

How long is a standard booking?

Bookings are for a full hour of play time if all players are on-time. There is also a 1/2hr option for those wanted a quick taster or a 90min session for those wanting their full VR fix! For beginners, we will run you through information on the play-space area, the controls and the launcher to fast-track you into the world of VR.

Can I take photos or videos?

You are more than welcome to film and video yourself and your friends (if they agree) within your VR Station, but please do not film other people in the venue. VR-ARRIVAL may wish to photograph or film you for promo purposes but we will always seek your permission first.

Do you guys offer discount packages for group bookings?

Looking to have a party at VR-ARRIVAL or a team-building event with a difference, call or email us to help make the event memorable – we offer discount packages for group bookings, please email info@vr-arrival.com.au or call 6153 1883 to see how we can make your occasion one that will be talked about!

When is VR-ARRIVAL Open?

School Holidays –
Open 6 Days/week (Group bookings outside hours by request)
Tuesday – Thursday: 11am-7pm

Friday – Saturday: 10am-9pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm


Non-School Holidays –
Open 5 Days/week (Group bookings outside hours by request)
Wednesday/Thursday: 3pm-7pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am-9pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm


Bookings are required for the hour before closing on each day.
We can be flexible on our operating hours for group or corporate events or parties booked in advance.

star star star star star
"My brother and I went here and I was thoroughly impressed. VR is so much cooler than I ever thought it would be! The guy there was super helpful too. Very attentive with helpful suggestions. The price seems really fair too. I will be back!!"
Thomas Read
star star star star star
"Amazing experience. Visit space, scuba, see your front door and fight with the Zombies all in an hour! Andrew provides excellent service and advice!"
Derek Ford
star star star star star
"Awesome fun for young and old. I took my son who is 15 and I am 47 we both had a great time. Staff very helpful when unsure and assisted. Definitely will be back!"
Kerrie Littler
star star star star star
"Great facilities and setup. The equipment is all new and top quality. The Staff are very friendly and attentive, they really keep you going and keep an eye on your progress. Highly recommended for the beginner and experienced. Great location in Vic Park as well. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed."
Derek Hughes


VR Arrival
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(Opposite East Vic Park Shopping Centre,

Upstairs on Level 1)

Phone: (08) 6153 1883
Email: info at vr-arrival dot com

Opening Hours

Hours of Operation

Open 6 Days/week
Mon/Tues & Weekday mornings
Closed (open for group and corporate bookings - Please email info@vr-arrival.com)
3pm - 7pm
Fri to Sat
10am - 9pm
10am - 5pm

School Holiday Opening Times

Open 6 Days/week
Monday & Weekday mornings
Closed (open for group and corporate bookings - Please email info@vr-arrival.com)
Tues to Thurs
11am - 7pm
Fri to Sat
10am - 9pm
10am - 5pm

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